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St MichaelGreetings, Jacqueline!

I’m a 17-year-old who is in quite a pickle here. Ever since I bought the St. Michael statue, I have been dreaming with saints. Why is this happening to me?! My mom suggested to me to purchase candles for them. They also show me the color of their candles, the baths to purchase, and oils to buy. I don’t have a job and I’m not even 18 yet. Seriously, why did they choose me and not someone with a job? I’m spiritual.



How fortunate for you, but I bet at this time, it doesn’t feel like you won the lottery. Apparently, the introduction of Saint Michael has opened a door for you. There is no ‘requirements’ (age, profession, race) that you need to qualify.Your Mom is right here – burn candles for the Saints and listen to them. You are gifted to do spiritual work for others and I STRONGLY suggest that before you turn away from your gift, you consider learning more about it. Here’s why.

PERSONAL STORY:When I was growing up, my Mother always had the Dell Horoscope magazine around and I would read it. I always had imaginary friends. I was content to play by myself and was an only child for seven years. I had quite the imagination. I always would hear things (and still do). That is called Clairaudience (to hear). I also would cringe, clutch my stomach and shudder around people; only to ask very pointed questions to my Mom and sometimes to them; causing embarrassment. That is called Clairsentience (to feel).

Then when I became a teen, I got a hold of a book (in our school library, no less) and performed a love candle spell on a boy using the moon phase, a red candle and a lock of his hair and photo. OMG! he was at another ‘boys ranch’ type of school and he wanted me to take photos of me while I was nekkid and send the photo to him! NO Way! I stopped doing any kind of magic and when my voices would tell me to turn left, I would ignore them and turn right because I was fearful of that red candle spell encounter. Freaked my booty OUT!

The hard-headiness went on for many, many years and I had a lot of grief over it. In my thirties, I found out that once I was again embarking on my career in education, I was expecting another child. I was so angry at myself for not being careful and I spent many hours in the Chapel at Saint Mary’s, crying my eyes out. I was an exhausted mother of four with what I thought was ‘no future’ and another baby on the way. I went back to the Chapel for days and one day a sense of peace came over me. God told my heart that if I were to have this child, not only will I have to have another one, but He would make everything work out, if only I would listen to my messages. So I took the deal. Now, here I am, helping others as I am being helped.

Now, back to you. I suggest finding a spirituality that is comfortable with you – be it Native America, Santeria, Hoodoo and Rootwork or any other semi-organized belief systems. I am not suggesting in joining nay particular organization, but these came to mind when typing. You must follow your heart. I shared my grief with you as an example of trying to NOT listen to what seems to be your calling – a Spiritual Consultant and Worker. Better to go with the flow than against it, like I did, and life will bring to you what you need, including the right Teacher and Guide.

Good Luck and definitely God Bless!


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