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I have been told to do a banishing spell with a black candle. I purchased a Yankee candle which is as near to black as I could get, it is supposed to burn for 6.5 days approx. I lit it just over 48 hours ago. It burned well until last night. It has started to soot, send puffs of smoke and the flame keeps dancing sometimes so low like it’s gonna go out. Up until last night it had burned all the wax, but then gas started to leave a ring of deposit around the edge of the jar. Before lighting it, I inscribed the name of the spirit I want to banish, into the top of the candle with a metal sterile hypodermic needle (I’m a nurse!). I have left the candle burning constantly but feel very uncomfortable with leaving it on 24hrs a day. Am I doing something wrong or is the spirit not wanting to leave?

Please help


Hi Kate, I am going to answer your question in a minute but first I would like to use your letter as an example of what to do and not to do. This is in no way any means to offend or embarrass you, but it is a prime example of someone who is doing candle work without fully being informed about things.

Before I start, let me lead into this blog post with a conversation I had about 4 months or so with a major manufacturer of spiritual supplies. I had forwarded to them a couple of e-mails that I had received asking me on how to use THEIR Candle Spell Kit, of which I had never used. I told them that I did not feel qualified to further explain the instructions in the package, but perhaps this was a friendly “heads up” to rewrite the copy for the everyday Jack or Jill to read. They responded that they get the same thing – they had recently gotten a call (no less!) from someone who bought “Chango Powder” and wanted to know how to use it. They told the caller to call the place they bought it at and the answer was that the place was no longer in business (maybe the caller had the product for some time before attempting to use it?).

So you can see that spiritual workers and readers get questions about other spiritual workers spells all the time. We cannot always determine what was the other spiritual worker thinking when they prescribed that candle or magical practice, but we do our best. It is best ,dear readers, to go back to the person that prescribed the candle spell for clarification and questions.

Now to your candle…

Let me say this three times (old African story telling method of driving the message home)

Any Black Candle Spell will always give the house a heavy atmosphere.

Any Black Candle Spell will always give the house a heavy atmosphere.

Any Black Candle Spell will always give the house a heavy atmosphere.

This may not just be because of the Spirit you are talking about is hanging around. Black Candle Spells of any nature or for any reason is for cursing, damnation, revenge, reversing, D.U.M.E., take this you little %$(%$#), or any other type of candle spell where the outcome isn’t going to be good for the person. The atmosphere is FUNKY, DEPRESSING and just plain YUUUUCK!

Now, ironically, I am wondering why this other spiritual worker suggested a black candle. Most traditions use a white candle to tell the Spirit to “follow the Light” (like the movie ‘Poltergeist’). Some Spirits are trapped in the building (like if it was a tragic death) or if the Spirit doesn’t ‘know’ that the body is dead, and they are waiting for it to ‘come back’ so that they can re-enter the body. Some Spirits are young, so therefore you will have mischief in the building, and some Spirit are just plain a**ed pi**ed off because they didn’t get to live out their life. In my spiritual tradition, I would have used a white candle with some Healing or Blessing Condition Oil to soothe the anger and depression and ask the Spirit to move on (go home, go to Heaven, etc.). I am not an expert on Spirits per se (like a Ghost Buster) but I work with them once in awhile. The thought here is to Bless the  Spirit, Forgive the Spirit and Ask the Spirit to move on to a better place. That is why a white candle is used.

So here we are, burning a candle that is a ‘Yankee candle which is as near to black as I could get, it is supposed to burn for 6.5 days approx.” .

I would ask you what is ‘near to black’ as I usually see Yankee candles in black during Halloween with a licorice scent. So, for sake of article, we will call it a black candle. In my work, I tell clients and also leave candles burning 24 hours because it is truly a constant reminder (prayer, petition) of the work that is going on for you. Your candle burned all the way down and you should take the candle glass back to the spiritual worker (if you can) and ask for the divination. You provided no photos for us to look at and if I could take a shot at candle divination.

If you still feel a presence around the home, then maybe you can determine the black candle spell is not for you. I would then prescribe Blessed Salt, Holy Water, Chinese Wash, Epsom Salt Baths and few other things to start cleaning out the house – spiritually – so that you would achieve peace. I can create this kit with complete instructions for you if you e-mail me offline through the contact form on

Tough call, tough questions – any chance on contacting that other spiritual worker?


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