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What does it mean when the candles keeps going out when doing a spell,and there are no signs of the spell working and it has been six days that I started it? The spell is my full name and his, his d.o.b as well as mine and a heart around the names? What do you think I am doing wrong? (question edited for grammar)


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I have written some past posts in regards to candles going out. These can be found in the archives of Free-Candle-Spells. I am hoping that you are not re-lighting the same candle, as it is a traditional belief that if and when the candle goes out, the spell is done. Apparently, it is going out before the candle has burned all the way down to the end. Given that there is no gale force winds or kittens and kiddies around to bother the candle, the candle going out means that the spell is not going well. If you want to continue doing this spell, you need to start over fresh with a new candle, doing proper cleaning, incensing (in some beliefs) anointing with condition oil, praying over and caring for it like it is a tender infant. Your cost for the re-do? A few bucks for the candle and some more of your time. You did not perform the candle spell correctly.

There are different methodologies in writing the petition paper and many examples of love candle burning spells, so I will leave it to you to research different ways to create a good petition paper.

When speaking in regards of time, some candle spells show signsof success instantaneously and some take some time to get around to it. The old adage, “Three Days, Three Weeks, Three Months” is a guideline that each individual needs to determine and set in their own minds and hearts. Given that even tough you have not allowed some time for this to work and especially that the candle keeps going out ( the ‘s’ in candles tells me this has happened more than once), this does not bode well for success.

I think more importantly, the writing is on the wall this my not be the love match that is good for you. Like chocolate, it is so good to our taste buds but bad for our waistlines; so goes love matches sometimes. You might think that they are “the One”, but the Universe does not think so, and only with time will you realize that they aren’t. You may be attracted to a certain type of man – race, lifestyle, etc, but in the end, it might come back to bite you. About the same time, you have chased off less-than-devilishly-handsome-but-would-die-to-be-your-man types that were a good thing for you and would ‘go the distance’ in a relationship.

Better to ask God, the Angels, the Saints and the Universe to bring you the type of relationship that you need, not necessarily what you want.

Good Luck!



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