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Dear Jacqueline,
I wonder if you might also do an article on how you use play money to boost money candle spells,how you can use them to bring in and attract money,how it works, your own tales of using it,etc. This again is another topic that I have never found any article on even though I have read a few times about it and am wondering more the tricks of the trade

Thanks Jacqueline! Your Free Candle Blog is the best..and you won’t find another one like it..

Thanks! Lisa


play money


Funny that you sent this as I am putting the finishing touches on a weeks worth of Prosperity and Money Drawing Candle Spells and ideas to ponder. Using money, whether real or play money, has been a great visual for people to use when decorating their money altar or just to scatter around the green money drawing candle they have lit to give it ‘ambiance’.

For my personal money altar, I have a Lennox crystal clam shell dish with Money Drawing Salt in it that is covering a petition paper that is being weighted down by coins from all over the world (I collect foreign money) I then have a large Lodestone on top of that with Magnetic Sand and lotto tickets and some real greenbacks poking out and around the bowl.  I have a green dollars designed fabric scarf, a Money Oil Lamp, A Green Candle plus my cash box from my various other endeavors and the bank zippered deposit envelope that is supporting the gold sprayed plastic piggy bank from the bank. I also have a framed photo of the New York Stock Exchange top twenty and a few other personal money drawing items.

You would be surprised to know how much ‘funny’ money is used – and real money as well!

So, placing a layer of Monopoly money or play money with Money Drawing Sigils drawn in red ink in the corners and anointed with Money Drawing Condition Oil would be a great way to layer under a piece of glass as a base for focusing your money drawing work.

Good Question! Thanks for asking!


Now onto the Money Tree idea….






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