Mid-Year Prosperity Experiment June 22 to July 21, 2009

It is time for another Prosperity Experiment! Time to increase your wealth and happiness!

So what IS the Prosperity Experiment?

It is a period of 30 days in which I burn green money drawing candles for your intentions and financial desires.It is a time where you have someone working for you exclusively for your financial benefit. We will start on the next New Moon on June 22, 2009. New Moons are for ‘bringing in’ and ‘increase’ – just what we want for your pocketbook and bank account!

It is a time where 6 green candles, properly dressed, will be burned for you and prayed over once  in the morning and once at night for you as you go about your busy day.

Some of the success stories we (because the group becomes like a ‘little family’) have achieved:

PAULA B. got married to the many of her dreams!

SUE had a remarkable gain in her family’s business during the slow season!

IVY got her website up and going and business is looking good!

We have many success stories and the blessings sometimes come immediately and some have experienced residual increases in prosperity.

What is it that you need? A new car? Money to cover bills? Tuition? A new job? Cash flow from various streams of income?

The Prosperity Experiment is not for the faint of heart but one that you must also participate for one hour a week in prayer, wherever you are in the world, for the intentions of all. Can you do it?

** You will receive daily inspirational verses that you can tape to your monitor at work or on your steering wheel to ponder while sitting at the red light. This is a whole mind-body-spirit experience.

** You will receive a bottle of TRIPLE STRENGTH Money Drawing Oil to use on candles in the privacy of your own home. You will also receive other ‘goodies’ to inspire you to greater financial gains.

** You will have 6 green candles burned on your behalf, once every 5 days, with photos sent weekly.

If this is the avenue for you to begin increasing your wealth, then click the button below
and we will begin to ready you for a financial trip to a more secure tomorrow!



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