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From time to time, I sit and post something that is candle burning spell related, but has no actual spell or ingredients in it. This is one of them. Enjoy and ponder.

A question that is repeated frequently to me and as I am sure, to other spiritual workers is this: How many candles should someone burn to make changes to a situation or a person?

There are many factors that go into a calculated guess (because that is really what it is) on how long someone should burn candles for a person or enact change in something. It depends on the situation. Let’s take money as an example. I use this a lot when conversing with clients considering candle burning. How often to you need money? Only on June 27th? Only for Christmas 1999? No, the answer is more likely to be always, which it is a fact – people need money constantly – for clothing, food, shelter, children, transportation, vices (yes, that too, whether it is chocolate or cigarettes!) and what have you. So, it would be in a person’s best interest to burn a green money drawing, wealthy way or prosperity candle constantly in the home in order to continuously bring money in the house. Your cost: Green candles at the grocery store, a couple of dollars for some money drawing oil and your time and energy. Your benefits? Let’s see – talk of gas stretches for whole week (how did THAT happen?), scanned price is wrong at store so you get item free (whoopie!), someone takes you out to lunch or dinner (one meal free), girlfriend pays you back for something you got her last time you were out (she’s a keeper in the friend department) or you get a gift card from Starbucks (lattes for your secret passion days), as well as the regular things like you have something left in the bank at the end of the month. These are examples of money drawing candle spell power.

Let’s take a relationships that has been broken up for some time. First, you have to consider what was the reason for the breakup and the severity of the offense (out drinking with the friends and getting pulled over or just plain ole’ cheating) and if that is morally acceptable for you or not (that is your own heart talking). So for sake of the article, we will say you have considered to get back with the other person. There are STILL other factors you may have not considered.

First, is the other person around and/or can you contact them? What about their attitude (if you have been able to contact them?) Are they still hurting or have moved onto another person? IS there another person? Is there influential family members or friends that may be ‘stirring the pot’, so to speak? OK, so maybe you have already considered all these ideas as well and let’s say you have seen enough validation to go forth with the candle spell.

Next consideration is the cost. We all know that love don’t pay the rent and you have to factor this additional expense into your monthly budget. There are many fine spiritual workers around, but my warning to you is this; IF YOU ARE PAYING MORE THAN A WEEK’S WORTH OF GROCERIES FOR EACH CANDLE BEING BURNED FOR YOU YOU MUST RUN LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL! (I am talking about the gypsy scam artists). These are the people who say things like “100% Guaranteed! My candles cost $100.00 but they always work”, or “Don’t worry my dear, we WILL get him back”. I say this because you are on a delicate emotional situation and there are people out there that hear your plight and the sound of ka-CHING! is going off in their heads. There are some unscrupulous workers out there so please, PLEASE be careful. You must determine what you can afford and what your heart tells you when you talk with that spiritual person. If the hair on the back of your neck or arms raise, go home and sit in quiet meditation and ask for Divine Guidance on the matter of the person you talked with. A good worker will not push you into something – they should be ethical enough to give you advice and allow you time to ponder it; not cajole or force you into something that you might not feel comfortable with doing.

Another thing to think about is your own personal timeline. How long is ‘too long’ to wait for Jimmy Mack to come hurry back? Traditional candle spells take from as soon as three days (I have had ones work within 24 hours sometimes) to three months. The longer you have been apart from them, the longer it will take to get them back. I say this daily to clients. If you waited three months before making up your mind, you have three months of candle burnings just to get back to “Ground Zero” (the moment the breakup happened).So, for your sake, if you can take 24 to 48 hours of undistracted time (if possible), without suggestions from girlfriends and family, and just pray, meditate and sit in silence to determine if the relationships is ‘worth it’, and your answer is “YES!”, then get to burning candles RIGHT AWAY!

Please take time to consider all factors before committing to candle work. You must be comfortable in your mind and your heart that you can accept the outcome either way – positive or negatively, and trust that the Universe has the right things in store for you! Even when things do not go your way, you may not be aware of the outcomes of your candle spell wish, nor the lost chances of even better possibilities coming your way in the future.

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