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Black candle for destruction and more!

Warning! If you are a bit squeamish – this spell is not for you! It is about those who have been done wrong so badly that it is time that a little Justice is administered – one way or ‘tuther!

This candle spell is for an enemy – not someone who just gets into your business, is a nosy neighbor or just doesn’t know when to stop pestering you. This black candle burn spell is for those who have actually came after you and attempted or succeeded in causing you loss of face in the community, loss of income, loss of property or loved ones or because they have been nothing but trouble since they and you have crossed paths. I am talking about those who have cheated you purposely, those who have lied and caused you a loss of something, those who have took something or yours and will not make amends.

Maybe this is someone like a jealous ex who is trying to break up your current relationship. This could also be someone who has broken into your home, stole your car or wallet, or just has nothing to do but try to take you down. There is something to be said about how the ancient peoples in the Old Testament took care of things – no turning the other cheek, no Sir! It was eye for an eye, and those who did wrong got their come-uppance!

The first thing you must consider even before purchasing anything to do with this spell is: Is this black candle spell justified?

I am talking about you having nothing to do with ‘egging’ it on or making comments that inflame the other person to incite them to do something wrong to you. This is about working through your conscience and making absolutely sure – may lightning strike you if you lie – that you did NOTHING to this person to make them do what they did to you.

If you can say “Yes, Lord” to this – them you can proceed with this black candle spell.


1 Black 7 – day novena type Glass Candle

1 White Petition Paper

Mixture of the following: Dried Snails Shells, Snake Skin (Sheddings), Crab Claws, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Charcoal Ashes from the Fireplace, Wood Burning Stove or Barbecue, Dried Dog Dung ( Yes, doggie doo-doo – get some and dry it in the Sun in a desposible aluminum pan before pulverizing with a rock).

Personal Item or Concern of the Victim (using a photo at LAST resort): This includes toenail or fingernail clippings, semen, urine, feces (these all being collected in a tissue), toothbrush bristle, hair from a hair brush, ear wax from a Q-Tip, a tissue that the victim blew their nose into, a  Band-Aid, paper napkin in which they spit, wiped their lips or left a trace of lipstick, etc. I told you this spell is not for the squeamish!

1 bottle of any of the following Anointing Oils: “Destruction Oil”, “Jinxing Oil”, “Crossing Oil”, “Do Unto My Enemies” Oil (aka “D.U.M.E.” Oil), “Revenge Oil” or “Run, Devil Run Oil”.

Write your curse on the paper, with using the victim’s full name, or as much ‘identifiers’ (things that can only pertain to them). For example, “That blonde hussy at the club named Suzie with the fake weave that thinks she is the cocktail waitress of the year! White girl THINKS she’s a sistah with that Afrocentric hairdo and those big doorknocker fake gold earrings like Salt ‘n’ Pepa used to wear back in the day” (This is only an example of using identifiers; descriptive words that ‘zero in’ on the intended victim).

Place paper in a small dish you will never use again. Sprinkle with a mixture of the above. Place any possible personal item listed above (if any) on the mixture that is on the paper.Clean the candle with lemon juice and then anoint with the condition oil of your choosing. Place whole set up on the ceramic back of your toilet. Light candle, keep lit constantly until results are seen. Remember to USE this same toilet while candle is there so that the ‘victim’ (being represented by the spell set up) can see your backside and understand what you think of them.

Repeat this black candle spell on your enemies until you are justified.


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