Free Candle Spells | Crowning Glory or Crown of Success Condition Oil Candle Spell

Today in our home, as well as many families during the month of June, we are celebrating a graduation of our child. We have hopes and dreams and aspirations that circle our heads as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends watch their loved one receive their glory and honor of all the late night crams sessions and projects that took over the dining room table all those years.

This is the time that a white candle should be burning, anointed with “Crowning Glory” or “Crown of Success” Condition Oil, so that all that hard work and knowledge is magnified and justified. If you have someone in your family that would be deserving of this candle, use these simple instructions to help light their path to more success and glory as they begin their journey of life.

white candle

1 White or Yellow-Gold 7-Day Glass Novena (or Vigil) Candle

Lemon Juice

1 bottle of Corwning Glory or Crown of Success Condition and Anointing Oil

1 Piece of White Paper with their full name in the center and at each compass point (meaning above the name, below the name, to the left of the name and to the right of the name), write these words, in any fashion: SUCCESS , PROSPERITY, ACHIEVEMENT,  and VICTORY.

Clean candle, following instructions on this site, then place name paper under candle on large plate (ire safety). Place 12 drops of either Crowning Glory or Crown of Success oil in wax top part of candle. Light candle. Pray the 23rd Psalm (“The Lord is My Shepherd”) and keep candle lit during these next few days of celebrations.Burn until candle is out, keeping the paper for future candle burning spells.

Continue to honor that graduate by lighting a new candle each time you hear of exams, semesters, college courses or any other achievement-based news about them.


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