Free Candle Spells | Interview with a Candle Maker – Pt. 2

Stan Morey of

Stan Morey, creator of Wizard Candles , has been gracious enough to answers some questions regarding candles and such. It is an honor to ask an artisan who works with these materials and substances on a daily basis to give us a different perspective on candles and spiritual work.

Since you told us that you are also a spiritual practitioner, do you have some basic candle preparation techniques to share?

According to my training in the English Tradition, and as I understand most traditions in the Craft follow these ideas,  The first thing one would do with a blank candle is scribe or draw glyphs (symbols), or their intention for the candle in some magickal alphabet (Elder Futhark  is quite popular, but you can Google and find several other rune styles that are True-Type fonts that you can download, usually for free, and work it on paper in Word or whatever word processing software you might have to print it out first to use as a guide).  The scribing should be done with the atheme, or a crystal, or even a bamboo skewer, cut to a comfortable length to carve the symbols into the wax.  Up or Down, Clockwise (Deosil, pronounced “Jess-ill”) or Counterclockwise (Widdershins) only matters in how you are shaping the energy in the first place.  After you are done with that, clean off any residual bits of wax and you are ready to anoint or “dress” the candle.   This is done to charge the candle with your energy and connected it more directly to you and your thought energy.  The easiest way to do this is to take a little oil that you use for this purpose (essential oils work best) and put some in the palm of your receptive hand (the one you don’t use to eat or write with).  Take the candle in your “Power” or dominant hand, wrap your oiled hand around it and starting about half-way or in the middle of the candle, gently pull and twist (going “deosil” (Jess-il) or clockwise) until you reach the end, focusing your thought or intention as you do.  Note:  It’s very helpful to visualize the end result as though it has already happened or more like a memory and you’re just catching up to the event.  Then turn the candle around and do the same to the other half.  Your candle is dressed and ready to go!  Always burn your candle in a heat proof holder, and never burn it unattended!!!  If you have one of those candle holders with a round base, put a ring of table or sea salt around the candle to shield it from stray energies that could “muddy up”  the waters of your work, so to speak.  If you don’t have one of these kinds of holders, just a holder on a saucer with a salt ring works just as well.  When you are ready to use the candle, put it somewhere where it won’t be disturbed or bumped into during the burning.  Every so often, like every 5-10 minutes, check on it and send your thought energy to it.

Can you share with us a positive outcome to one of your candle burnings? (Identities kept Secret)

I sometimes have burned a specific candle for inspiration (red) when writing poetry, or other things and it works fairly well so far.  Since most of my magick work is done by direct thought energy and intention,  I don’t use that much pyromancy (fire magick) in my workings.  I have noticed, for example, that if I’m doing some form of divination, (like Tarot, Runes, or even D and D percentile dice), I’ll light a candle I feel will enhance access to wisdom.

Have you had any negative, unusual or even just plain odd candle burning outcomes or experiences?

Indeed! Particularly when I forget to grind the herbs in the wax into a power before putting them into the hot wax. I tried this once with whole rose petals and when the flame reached them, they became wicks that made a very large flame! When I came into the room 10, 15 minutes later. My 12 inch tall power candle was shrinking in height about as fast as the flame was getting higher. It was quite the race! Even though the candle sat in a metal bowl, the wax overflowed onto the table and then the wood floor. Quite the mess, indeed! I now make sure that any herbs I use are well ground in a spice grinder!!!

Is there anything that you could impart to our readers about burning candles?

Even though this is believed to be “common sense”, I’ll be obvious and say, always burn your candle in a tip-proof, heat resistance holder. If you need to, put a larger plate under holders like candelabras and the like. It’s like putting a cookie sheet under a casserole dish in the oven. Also, it is extremely unwise to light a candle where air movement can bend the flame and catch something flammable, (like your curtains). Never light a candle and then leave the house, thinking it’s quite safe! Fire is a living creature with a mind of its own, so it needs to be watched occasionally. Finally, since it is considered by most to be a living thing, treat it with some respect due a living thing. Snuff the flame out, rather than blowing it out. The force of your breath can spray the hot liquid wax where you may not want it. And most traditions consider it an insult to the flame. Simply snuff it out with a good metal or ceramic snuffer and say something like, “Until you live again, go in love”, is fairly respectful and insures fewer mishaps.


Stan will give us some insight on the properties of paraffin wax, which is the most prevalent type in candle shops and grocery stores and his thoughts on mixing items into the wax (herbs, oils, and other materials). Stan will give us some general ideas about the boosting power of these items and he will describe how these are inserted in the creation of wizard Candles, his own product line that can be found at

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