Free Candle Spells | When NOT to Attempt Any Candle Burning Spells


There are many reasons why a person would want to use the influence of a candle flame to bring about the desired change in a person or situation. Lighting a petition flame, candle, oil lamp or even a burnt offering has been considered normal and even sacred since the Old Testament. In the olden times, people made offerings of the finest Olive Oil for a perpetual lamp to be lit for their benefit for a good harvest, easy childbirth (for their wife or daughter), for thankfulness, for happiness and for many other, personal reasons. the same holds true today. We burn candles or oil lamps for a particular feast day or Saints’ Day; for prosperity, for money, for thanks for blessings received, for continued success in life, and so on. The list nowadays can go on forever.

There are times, however, when you should err on the side of caution in burning a candle to evoke change in a situation. To light a candle could potentially, exasperate or worsen the condition. Here are some reasons to wait to burn a candle for a situation:


Number 1 (and probably the most logical reason) – You are being coerced or forced to burn a candle by someone who has given you a reading and claims that their $150.00 candle will do the trick. A good, ethical reader, spiritual worker, conjurer or root worker should NEVER charge you a week’s worth of wages for a candle. If you are faced with the situation, tell them you have to go check your bank balance and then GET THE HECK OUTTA THERE!

Look, I burn candles for clients all the time (I charge $13.00), and the candle’s cost, the oil that I apply, my time I spend with the candle and sending you a photo and update on its’ actions have been reasonably thought out and it is a big, bad NO-NO to cheat someone because you will then be cheated. So, once again, if you are faced with the possibility of paying any more than a weeks worth of groceries for a spiritual candle to be burned in your behalf, please reconsider the service.

Batter UP!

Number 2 (maybe almost equally as important) – Don’t do something that you’ll regret later. If you are mad because you just found out that the lying, stinkin’ dawg that you have been working so hard to support has been partying with those low-down-debil-dawgs next door, your emotions are going to be haywire and you will throw out all sorts of negative energies that once you place a light to a flame with all that swirling around inside and around you; this is some heavy stuff that you will never change.

Do you remember that some of you were taught to never point your finger or jab the air in front of someone when you are mad as hell and yelling at them? Same thing; you are cursing them. Then later, when you find out that the one you are all mad about went over to fix the broken water faucet (or else the place would have flooded), then you got a whole lot of ‘spiritual backpedaling’ to do. That’s when you start doing Reversible candles, Back Off, Jack or Return to Me Candle Spells because you are trying desperately to undo the things you done placed on them!

Oh, No! Not AGAIN!

Number 3 (every thirty days or so) – Your period. Period. Some spiritual workers, depending on their belief system, may or may not do any readings, consultations or magical work during those few days when everything goes on the fritz. There just isn’t enough soy milk on the planet to undo the burn-down-the-mission-because-ya-just-feel-like-killin’-someone-because-you’re-insane-in-tha-membrane (non-gender specific) (thanks Elton and Cypress Hill). It takes a lot out of a reader or worker to take in your personal feelings, transfer them onto a candle or doll, then go lay down and take a 4 hour nap. Wait until you are not on a losin’ streak (’cause you can’t get no, no, no, no, hey,hey,hey), then go get ’em!

While this was written a little tongue-in-cheeky, it is meant to be a warning post about losing control when charging candles and setting lights to activate change – whether for the good or the bad.



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