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A reader asks about foreign money and its’ use in money drawing candle spells. Thanks for the great question!

Dear Jacqueline,
I am not sure if you already answered this on your free candle spells site but I do remember you mentioning something about using foreign money in prosperity spells. I am not sure if you could elaborate on your blog if you think this could be helpful for others on this subject.
I just found a bag of foreign money that my mother had of francs, etc. and was wondering how I might go about utilizing that in a money and prosperity spell for others and myself? I was trying to google and search on how to use it but didn’t find anything.

Thanks Jacqueline!!!!

With appreciation,



Collecting coins and money from far away lands has been a quirky hobby of mine and I guess it might not be so kooky as when I ‘googled’ myself, a lot of others do it, too! I love the details on some of them and I imagine what I could buy with that coin; whether I could get a piece of chocolate in France or a cup of tea in Tokyo, a steaming cup of atole in Guadalajara or a plate of kalamata olives and feta cheese in Athens. Daydreaming or just a vivid imagination?

I have had a bag of coins in my closet for years that were collected from odd trips to Mexico, garage sales and gifts from friends who were fortunate enough to travel to far away lands and once I became a serious candle spell maker, I brought them out to use in prosperity candle spells for my money altar. As many of you know, I am also involved with a few other spirituality based businesses and have clients all over the world, so using non-US paper money and coins makes sense to draw clients from all over. I have then in two specific places on my money altar.

The first place is in an oil lamp that I have not finished creating and have not found the type of oil that I would like to use without having the residual aroma lingering in the room (my personal money altar is on my side of the bedroom in the ‘wealth’ corner (feng shui style) of the room), along with my bookcase of spiritual knowledge.


I placed a few foreign coins in the base or resevoir section (where the oil goes)(far left photo) and placed a large lodestone in there as well. Now even though this is not lit, it is still in the far corner of the altar with a ‘wealth’ feng shui mirror hanging from a wishbone balanced precariously on edge of the hurricane lamp part of the lamp (don’t ask how this happened to be; the wishbone just ‘landed’ there by inspiration)(center photo).

The second place where I use foreign money is in my large crystal bowl in the center of my altar (see far right photo). In the bottom of my bowl, I have a layer of foreign coins, which I covered with a petition paper then kosher salt, shredded greenbacks (paper money) and topped with two large lodestones (one is my older one, one is new) that are covered with magnetic sand to attract more money. In the back of the bowl, I have tucked a copy of my current advertising mailer, plus a $1.00, $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00 bill across the card under my face. To the left, you can see a framed picture of some of the original stocks with some Chinese coins on a red card (red for energy) and a green pyramid candle (unburned) in front. To the right is my ‘all seeing eye” coffee can where I toss loose change from my purse with my second bowl of magnetic sand and kosher salt mixture with my green money drawing mojo bag in it. Just out of sight to the far right sits my cash box for my business, with the bank zippered envelope on top and on top of it all, my gilded plastic piggy bank piggy with mardi gras coins sticking out of the slot. All of this sits on the top of my spiritual bookcase with a jazzy table scarf of printed money on it.

I hope that this gives you some inspiration to use your stash of coins from far away lands to bring you prosperity from all over the globe!


money-drawing-oilSo is it ‘bad’ to want more money? Is money the ‘root of all evil’ like it has been told? Not in my world. One of the hardest lessons for me as a spiritual worker is the fact that I had to ‘give to get’.

Huh? No way, I thought! I love those numbers in the bank!

But, I quickly found out after being introduced to the theory of “giving is getting”, that my money always ran out when I needed it the most. What was a key integral part of the whole money drawing candle burning ritual I was missing?

A:  Giving.

When you give, either to a church, organization or charity, you are expounding your intention to ‘do good’ and therefore ‘good will come back to you”. Since I do not attend church on a regular basis, I give to other charities near and dear to me like the Susan B. Komen breast Cancer Fund, the local food kitchen, a Catholic charity that helps orphaned children and those wonderful address label organizations that have kept me in return address labels for my next two lifetimes! I give and do not think where it is going to but trust the it will be spent wisely and for its’ original intention to help those less fortunate.

I have never ran out of funds for necessities ever since. Truth.

I also burn a green glass 7-day novena type candle dressed with “Money Drawing”, “Fast Luck” (for things in a hurry), “Wealthy Way” or “Prosperity” Condition Oils on it (I change them up to capture all aspects of money drawing capabilities) and begin the new candle before the old one goes out for a constant stream of money coming to me. Try it!

It’s all about walkin’ the walk and talkin’ the talk.


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