Full Moon In Scorpio | May 8, 2009 – Past Hurts Surface, Accidents Abound!




The Full Moon in Scorpio occurs at 11:02 pm E.S.T. on Friday, May 8, 2009. Watch out for some emotional fireworks! Old hurts and emotional pain of facing the truth and being stung by the words from sharp tongues will be vocalized during this time. Take care not to fling it on your Mom during her special day.

This is an emotional Full Moon and coupling it with Mercury being in Retrograde mode from May 7th to May 30th, we are not always going to say the right things at the right time. Be careful not to speed in a haste or anger and use caution with machinery. Keep a level head during projects and do not let impatience get the best of you.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is in a “Fixed” water sign, meaning it is stable, unchangeable and emotional. This is the time to plan but not execute secret spells (ones that no one knows about) as the intended victim will retaliate and fight back, thwarting the outcome. Check for vulnerable parts of their psyche and devise your plan, choose and blend your oils and powders, and calculate for a better time of beginning this spell at the end of this lunar period.

Light a blue candle dressed with “Peaceful Home” anointing oil to bring all family members together in harmony during this emotion Full Moon.


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