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Hi Jacqueline,

HELP!!!!!!! I have a situation with a young lady interfering in my relationship. We have been burning “run devil run” candles and its been going pretty good. However, recently the candles have been turning black. Even the love candles we are burning are turning black. What else can we do?


The presence of black or soot on candles means that negativity or ‘evil’ is being burned off, if we rule out physics. Let’s tackle that one first.

Provided that you are not ‘overdosing’ your candle with oil (3,5,7,9,11 or 13 drops being the ‘magic number’ of drops of oil into the top of your candle), then we are fine. It is when someone thinks, very much like laundry detergent, that ‘if one scoop is recommended, then two SURELY will get them clean’ is not, I repeat, IS NOT the way to go with condition or anointing oils.  You could be creating your own recipe for negativity by using too much oil, thus creating the possibility of the candle putting itself out (too much oil and liquid wax in the well), but also the sooty residue of excess oil being burned off. Use only the magical number of drops (odd numbers listed above) and you should be fine.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk spiritual.If the candle begins to be sooty towards the top of the glass, but clears out, then this is a POSITIVE sign that negativity is being ‘burned off’ and your Guardian Angel is working for your good by the end of the candle burn. There are also some other factors to take into account. How was the flame acting throughout the burn? Was it actively flipping and moving about? Was there popping or crackling noises? Was the flame low or looked like it was about to go out? Candle wax formations, coloring or sooty residue and the actions of the flames are all factors to consider when doing candle divination.

It is an old tradition that when you see a candle that you are burning for a candle spell starting to turn black, you bolster it or give it support by anointing a white 7-day novena type vigil candle in glass with either Blessing Oil or even plain old Olive Oil to led support in your position in regards to your petition.

Keep up the work and ‘whittle’ this pesky intruder down by bolstering your candles with a white one when you see it getting black and sooty.

Good Luck! Let us know how it goes.


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