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Hello Jacqueline,
I was reading your information about the honey jar spell, I would like to perform a honey jar spell so that my supervisors and payroll secretary will be more cooperative with me. They have not been returning my calls or signing paper work needed to hold my position for my job. What would be the different color candles that you use and oils, for instance can I use communication oil in the jar so that they will call me?

Robyn, thank you for asking this question as I am sure that others are experiencing job issues in these current economic times. This is how I would assemble the honey jar for work:

1 Mason or Ball brand canning jar or glass jelly jar with a metal lid (no plastic as it will catch fire)

1 bottle of honey (however, can use Karo brand corn syrup, white sugar or other sweeteners)

1 larger lodestone with iron shavings

Influence Oil

Fast Luck Oil

Money Drawing Oil

Boss Fix Oil

Business card or copy of signature from each person concerned

Small yellow (for success), red (for fast work), green (money) and white (for clarity) candles.

NOTE: I have seen these finger-length candles in the Long’s Drugstores out her in California (in cosmetics) and also at the dollar stores. Ironically, the Asian markets in my city have similar candles from Thailand that are labeled birthday candles (hate to see that cake for Granny!).

Write your petition on business card or copy of signature paper (cut to size) and place in bottom of jar. Open bottles of oil and allow three drops of each oil to drip on the business card or paper. Cover hands over in prayer over jar, praying Psalm 23 (“Lord is My Shepherd”) or an “Our Father”.  Place lodestone on top. Add some iron shavings. Place hands again over jar and vocalize what you want the lodestone to do in your case (aka “Pleading your Case”).

Add honey, corn syrup or sugar to the top of jar and seal. Place on glass saucer or glass Pyrex pie pan. You will then begin burning a free standing candle daily on top of the honey jar (see photo), allowing the wax to drip down and cover the jar. Alternate daily each candle ( i.e. First day red candle with “Fast Luck” oil; second day, white candle with “Boss Fix” Oil; third day, yellow candle with “Influence Oil”; and fourth day green with “Money Drawing” Oil.) Repeat pattern until desired effects are achieved.


In addition, I would take a drop of Influence Oil and place it front and center of my brow every day before going to work. I would anoint the door handles, telephone receiver, mouse, arm rests of chair of the boss with Boss Fix Oil (if possible). I would also rub one drop each of Money Drawing and Fast Luck Condition Oils in my palms before touching my purse to pick up to go to work.


Prosperity is Mine in 2009!



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