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A reader comments:

Okay. So I’m trying to figure this all out. Red, green, gold, pink – money – love – new beginning – which goes on what altar. I’m confused! I looked at the color directory and understand the basics but the combos escape me. Red, green and gold mean fast money? But don’t use St. Expedite cuz that is TOO fast. And don’t use pink cuz that is strictly for love. My hoodoo won’t do! Help!


The basic candle colors you mentioned mean (in this order):

Red for energy (both used for positive and negative uses), passionate love, a ‘quickie’ (really!). Mostly used for “Fast Luck”, “Run, Devil, Run” and “Reversible” candles, but can be used to bolster or ‘heat up’ any other candle burning for its’ purpose (i.e. A Green candle burning for money and a red candle to ‘make it hurry to you’.)

Gold for riches, success and bright, golden light of clarity (“Open My Roads”, “King Solomon”, “Crown of Glory Success”, and “Cut and Clear” candle spells). Said to bring ‘golden showers of riches, fame and knowledge upon you’. Used by students and those taking career-type exams to advance in life. Also used for ‘road opening’ candle spells (when you think you have no opportunities ahead).

Green for money, prosperity and riches. Can be used with gold or red candles (in a triangular pattern) for a triple strength money-riches-power drawing candle spell .


Pink for romance and affection. This gets a little confusing. Red candles for love can bring unbridled passion, and if you are not careful, a quick end to the relationship! Why? How many successful relationships you know that is based on the physical aspects of it alone? Not many, I bet. Pink brings in the calming effects of white (remember red + white = pink). White is all about understanding and knowledge. So pink candles fuse these two candle meanings together; red for passion and ardent love, white for understanding and peace. Voila!

Hope this helps!  BTW, If you got ‘connections’ with St. Expedite, woo-wee you are one lucky gal! We gotta talk!  😉




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