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I LOVE your site! It is got a lot of good ideas about candles! I have a problem. I burned a candle for money and it got really black and sooty. What happened? I lit it during the New Moon and everything and it got all black at the top, but by the time it got done burning, there was no more black stuff.


I just happened to be burning a candle for a client and the same thing happened to me last week. Since I make it a habit to send photos to my clients at the end of the burn, I saved these and posted them here.


As you can see, the candle was dark at the beginning of the candle spell, but gradually lightened up after the half way mark.  Given that there was not excess of blessing and anointing oil added (I used only 7 drops) and that the wick was constantly secured firmly in the center of the wax (so it would not blacken the side), it can only be explained in the spiritual way – the negativity was ‘burned off’ in the first aprt of the candle burning spell.

This client has continued to have candles burned on my altar for him weekly and now has clean burning candles!


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