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Hello Ms. Jacqueline,
I did email the same situation a few weeks ago wasnt sure if it went through. Over the past two years making three this coming September. Me and this man have been through HELL. We met September of 2006. We seem as if we were just friends, but started to get intimate and closer. The man is seven years older than me. As the months passed he began to still be around, but at certain times. He had an anti-social attitude towards to me, but never wanted to completely leave me. To make a long story short. September 16, 2008 we were legally tore apart (Restraining Order). Something inside pushed me just find out about who was coming between us or who was getting most of his time. I found that out. A few weeks before thanksgiving I seeked some advice from spiritual advisor. She read me and she was the third to tell me that this man loves me and I love him. Saying we were soulmates. For those two months we were apart I had no success with any other men.

The advisor and the other two I had seen began to tell me that the girl has been doing evil things against me and my lover to keep us apart.She has us confused with eachother and upset. I let the lady do some work for me in which we were reunited, but before Valentine’s Day he had began to act weird again. I went on and purchased some charms she recommended and then it still failed. He had me a Valentine’s Day gift, but he was again suffering from being under her spell. He is worse off than me, because the girl is randomly over there. I began burning candles at this local candle shoppe, because my advisor wanted more money than i was even thinking about spending the third time. I feel she was taking advantage of my commitment to him. I’ve been burning this candle to reverse the evil, bring us back together, spell breaker, and bend over. I’ve been wondering like if she is doing this spell against his will and my will.

We both belong together and nine advisors so far have told me that is it possible that my candles will help us against whateverer workshe is doing? The girl is persistent from what I’m told. Once she seen I was fighting back she is just working fast and hard. They also say the girl knew me before I actually met her. It’s so frustrating, because I’ve never done no one anything. So, this week makes week three for those candles. I did receive a phone call from him on Monday March 16, 2009. He still seem confused. So, I just wanted to know possibly how long will I have to fight for mine? I’ve heard she is a walking demon. She looks all crazy and just stares. On top of all the confusion he don’t want her and she doesn’t want him. I was told by advisors it is to keep us unhappy, because we enjoy one another. She just likes to see him confused and not knowing if he’s coming or going. Thanks so much for reading my question!


Dear Torey,

My concern here is that you first have gone through a few spiritual advisors and seem to not have much success. Second, since I have no idea of what the other advisor prescribed in the way of candle work that has not been successful for you. Let me explain.

Each spiritual intercessor or worker has their own belief system and instruction that they have gone through to ge to where they are now. To be honest, some are good, some not so good. Even myself, I have not been completely 100% successful with clients and I CAUTION YOU TO NOT SEEK OUT PEOPLE WHO OFFER A 100% GUARANTEE AS THERE IS NO GUARANTEES IN MAGICK. WHY? It is because when you are burning candles for a third party (like an ex), the worker is not cognizant of their machinations, or what they are doing. You can burn candles ’til Kingdom Come, but if he is where he (or she) wants to be, it will be along, arduous task to get them back. It HAS been SUCCESSFUL, but only with patience and a lot of candles! Be careful, as there are a LOT of people out there that guarantee their work and then won’t return your phone call.

Another thing to consider; are you ready to move on if the candle work does not work? In your case, you have to consider what your ex wants, and if he is comfortable in his surroundings, then you have to let it go. OK, maybe it is not the slickest thing for this girl to use whatever she did on him, but again, what about HIS FREE WILL. She have to be doing something you don’t, or wouldn’t.  Maybe she supports him financially and you wanted him to pull his weight money-wise. Maybe it is a sexual thing. Maybe she ‘strokes’ his ego/mind/body in ways you didn’t or wouldn’t. Is this wrong? No.

How about considering that he wanted to move on and she was the blame/catalyst of doing so. Can you accept that? Maybe he just didn’t have it within him to tell you outright, so he is playing this out with the other woman. I have been left, and I have left. It is a part of life, People change. Change perspectives, change ideals. People who party want to keep partying. Some are  ready to settle down. Some want kids, some don’t.

There was a famous writer that said something about part of loving is to accept the pain or loss of love, as it is inevitable that it will happen. Once you have given him sufficient time to return, can you find peace and forgiveness in yourself to consider a life without them?

In my honest opinion, I would go back to those other spiritual advisors and ask them specifically what they were using, doing an their timing of the candle burning for your return to me candle spell (which this is in a nutshell). Until we have more information, including ritual specifics, it will be difficult to determine what happened to the power of their candles.


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