Black Candle Spell at Graveyard for Protection


I have  just finished a black candle spell at a grave for protection for a client. This couple was being harassed by a former female friend of the man, who had a brief relationship (read: encounter) while he was seperated from his girl. The woman clearly did not understand when the couple got back together again and has been tormenting them. It was time to put an end to it all.

Traditionally, when you go to a graveyard, it is to visit a departed friend or relative. Rootworkers, conjure and hoodoo workers go to the graveyard to petition the deceased to ‘work’ for them. This particular grave is one of an American Indian that I visit from time to time. He has quite a history.

First I cleaned his gravestone, then poured libations (rum) into a hole that I had dug at the center bottom of marker (where candle is at). I laid candies of all kinds, cookies, pennies and lit some cigars on the marker, as these are things that one enjoys when alive. The Spirits like them still, too. I then placed my petition paper in the hole, poured more rum on it, told the Spirit of the Indian what I would like him to do, then placed a black candle on top. I carefully explained that the black candle is not for the Spirit, but for the lady named on the petition paper.

I will keep you posted on what happens…


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