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Olive Oil

A Reader asks:

I am trying to do the bring him to closer to me spell as well as the candle spell; and I can not find the oils in enough times, I have olive oil and I read that I can pray over the olive oil. Is this okay…It will be the end of the week before I have the funds to see this entire project through, in that at this time I am interviewing someone to work with me.

Thank you

You may use olive oil in a ‘pinch’ to anoint your oil; after all, not only is it one of the ‘Holy Oils’ mentioned in the Bible but also consider the oil lamps that were used constantly in the Temple and also for burnt offerings. The Olive tree is abundant throughout the Middle East and revered in all the religions that originated from that geographical area.

Another idea is to get a couple of bottles of Olive oil and place some spices and herbs in each to steep, these being a base for what ever candle burning spells you want to create. Use Cinnamon for ‘Fast Luck’ and ‘Love’ conditions, allspice and mint for ‘Money’ type candles.


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