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Another reader wants to know about disposal of candle wax and spell remnants…


Just would like to know. I know some spells require that you dispose your work by burying far away or near your doorstep or throwing in running water. I live in a building not a house how would I do that? Also, if a spell calls for you to write the other woman’s’ name on a candle and you do not know the person name what do you write? Please shed some light on this for me.

Thank You

If you want something to come back to you or come to you, you bury it near your home – unless it is his underwear, and that you place UNDER your mattress. The theory here is that whatever you are doing as a candle spell, then those remnants of wax, burnt ashes of petition papers, incense or herbs and sachet powders, will be the ‘attracting’ scent, er or ‘magnet’ to your door.

This goes for fast luck, more business, steady business, lover come back or here, kitty kitty spells. Now, if you do not have a source of dirt (like a planter bed or grass) near your door, then get a terracotta pot, pour in a couple of inches of dirt, place items there, cover with more dirt or potting soil and get a live plant, silk or artificial bush or just some rocks over the dirt (to keep kitty from using the potty there) and leave as close to your front door or porch as possible.

Now, if you want to get rid of something, throw it into moving water, like a river or fast moving creek. Don’t throw it into a pond, as your eyes will always gravitate to the spot when you drive by in the future. If you are trying to damn someone up, take it to the cemetery and leave it at a grave site, along with a small bottle (half pint) of whiskey and a cigar. Maybe some candy or gum. If it is to punish or get someone thrown in jail, go leave it at a policeman’s or war veteran’s grave. they will do justice work for you.

Your second question is about carving a name in a candle and what to do if you do not know their name. You can carve (or write on a petition paper and pin with pins into wax) any identifying description and/or DNA you have. Some examples: “that b***h that stole my man” (to the point!), or “the blonde up the street”, or “Debbie, the grocery clerk with brown hair at Piggly Wiggly”; you get the picture. Now, let’s say he comes home with lipstick on his collar (or somewhere else), cut the offending lipstick out of the clothing (yes, ruin the shirt you gave him) and either pin it to a piece of white paper with the words, “The woman who was wearing this lipstick who was with him last night” or something like that. You can also use her hair that she left on his coat collar, headrest in the car, or a mysterious telephone number that was scribbled on a matchbook.

Hey, all’s fair in love and war, right? 😉


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