Readers Questions | What Do I Do When the Candle Goes Out?


Readers, this is the continuation of an e-mail with questions from a reader that I felt were good to answer in blog posts. You may find a friend or even yourself experiencing some of the same things as our reader who writes:

Reader: I was reading the instructions that were enclosed with the oil and powder sachets. It said that IF a candle went out do not re-light it due to negative forces.

Jacqueline:>>>>>Yes. Throw candle away and start over. You either didn’t do it right or the thing that you are trying to change is too big and strong and you have to ‘tweak’ your spell.

Reader: Should I throw it away (my present plan)?

Jacqueline: >>>>Start over.

Readers, it is important to focus and prepare your candles right in accordance to traditional cleansing and blessing/anointing methods either taught by your spiritual group or by doing research here at Free-Candle-Spells. There is a category to the right called Proper Candle Preparation, that can answer most of your basic questions.

If your candle goes out, toss it out. It is either of poor quality because of hasty, cheap labor manufacturing or you can consider the candle to not have been properly prepared for the situation. With regards to cheap labor, the wick is held down by an aluminum ‘button’ that weighs the wick to the bottom of the glass. However, this does not insure you against wicks with too much ‘play’ in them that they wiggle left or right of center when candle is cooling during the pour. Once a wick has too much ‘play’, it has the tendency to ‘float’ all over the inside of the glass, and even potentially dipping over onto itself and extinguishing the flame.

Now for the metaphysical or spiritual answer; you did not prepare the candle properly before lighting and/or the ‘entity’ or ‘problem’ you are burning your candle for is larger than you first realized. Begin again with a fresh candle and maybe even bolster or ‘prop it up’ with a white candle in glass next to it, to bring angelic light and purity to the candle spell.

Thank you for the great questions as it has spurred on some more questions that will be posted in the next week!


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