Readers Questions | Reversible Candle Has Black Smoke – Should I Worry?

A reader, Josie, commented on posts, but I thought I would make it a full blown blog post as she brings up some concerns that others might be having as well.

Josie says:

I’m too a little confused about the right candles to buy. but I try to do my best. My reversible candles have a real big flame, and throws black smoke. Should I worry?

Smoke and Flame Divination is part of candle burning. The antics of the flame and the intensity of the smoke is a good indicator of how your candle burning spell is going.

For instance, you say that your flame is real big, that is good, but there are other factors to consider. Is the flame wavering back and forth? At what speed (fast or slow) is the waving? If your flame is wavering slowly, this is the most auspicious flame to have during a candle spell. It is steady and unrelenting; a champion in your service and that you should consider it a positive sign that things are going in your favor.

If the flame was waving back and forth wildly, I would consider that it was in ‘active battle’ with the forces against you but its height indicates that it is like a huge Guardian Angel doing battle for you.

If the flame is low, like it is almost going to go out, them it could mean two things. First, let’s take care of the physical; maybe you have too much oil in the candle. That is not a spiritual based answer, but sometimes it is true physics; you are ‘drowning’ the candle. If this is not the case (and you can tell by looking in the ‘well’ were to liquid wax and oil mingle), then the low flame means that the low flame is working against some heavy negativity and you can ‘help’ the other candle out by anointing a second white 7 day novena type candle in glass with some Blessing Oil or Protection Oil. You will find that shortly after yo do so, the first candle will gain in strength and height, ready to ‘get to work’ for you.

In regards to smoke, again we have to rule out the physical – how much oil is in that ‘well’ of wax in the center of the candle? If you didn’t put too much oil in the candle, AND that the wick did not move over to the side of the candle glass, then you are burning off negativity. Just open a window for a little ventilation and say a prayer over the candle, asking that it is fearless in the face of negativity and to send all evil intentions back to where it came from.

NOTE: This is a good time to bring up Candle Burning Safety. Please always make sure nothing is hanging over the altar or candle while it is burning. I have seen flames as large as 6 inches from the melted wax, and this can become a fire hazard. Also, go to the dollar store and buy some cereal bowls or large saucers to set your candles on while you burn them.

True story. Two weeks ago, I was burning the last of the Prosperity Experiment clients’ candles and they had been lit for a few days. On the second to the last morning of the candle spell, I was upstairs typing just like I am now, and I got a strong whiff of burnt candle wax. I stopped typing and said to myself  ‘I hope the candle glass doesn’t break’  then POP – the glass candle downstairs HAD cracked. I heard it and ran downstairs, only to see one candle had started leeching hot wax onto the plate. Had I not had a plate under the candle and if I had been away from home, I would have burned up the house.

Word to the wise – don’t underestimate the dangers of candle burning.


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