Readers Questions | Which Candle and Oil to Use for Job Examination?


A reader asks:

Hi Jacqueline I love your site and great spells. I was wondering what color of candle would be appropriate to light when I go on Jan 26 to do a test for dispatch operator for the police dept. and what kind of spell/oils you recommend and how soon should I start on the ritual and if the moon is in a good phase. I am also going to test this month for California life insurance agent should I use the same spell you recommend? Thank you so much. How much are your jumbo reversible candles? I am having a hard time finding black/green and black/white jumbo free standing candles in San Diego.
Thanks, Gabriela

First, let me say congratulations on the job opportunity and your decisiveness to have an exciting and fulfilling career. You go, girl!

I would use the Crown of Success products or Crown of Glory products to bathe in, anoint with, and burn before your examination – along with some good coffee and hours hitting the books. Since time is short, you may have to do a little “wiggling and squiggling” to get your oils and such, but here is a basic “shopping list” of items to use:

(NOTE: You may use these same three candles for both potential employment situations)

1 White Glass 7 -Day Novena Candle – your full name an birth date on piece of white paper placed under this candle.

1 Yellow Glass 7-day Novena Candle – name of agency and job title on piece of white paper under this candle.

1 Red Glass 7-day Novena Candle – petition of power for achievement of goal to gain selection in this position on white piece of paper under candle.

“Crown of Success” or “Crown of Glory” Anointing Oil, Bath Crystals and Sachet Powder – to use on in candles, on body and petition papers.


if you CANNOT find these products in town, then substitute with:

For Bath Crystals: Mix Epsom Salt and Kosher Salt with Grains of Paradise (aka Guinea Pepper), Master Root (or Masterwort) (will be hard to find) and a Buckeye to carry in your pocket. My might try a Health Foods Store for these herbs.

If these things cannot be found, take lots of Epsom Salts (WalMart or Walgreens) soaks followed by a soaping and showering off negative residue.

For Candles: In the event you cannot find “Crown of Success” or “Crowning Glory” products, take some Olive Oil in a small saucer and extend your hands over it and pray to blessing and infuse your intentions into the oil. Use this oil in your candles. Remember to clean your candles following the instructions on candle cleaning in my “Proper Candle Preparation” column on the right.

For Sachet Powder: Since time is short, you may have to forgo this product.

I hope this helps and please let us know how things went for you!


P.S. Walgreen’s ALWAYS has red, yellow and white candles, as so some of your area supermarkets in the Latino or Hispanic Foods section. For the half green/half black and the half white/half black free standing candles – we are all hurting because the factory where these are coming out of is relocating and didn’t make enough back stock to keep us in candles. I was just talking with someone about this just yesterday! I am actually in negotiations with a candle maker who may be supplying me with a line very soon. I will keep all of you posted on the outcomes since we are in quality control right now – can’t sell faulty stuff!


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