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I received this the other day and thought it was a good question to share with you. It shows to variations and confusion one gets when asking proper candle preparation.


I went to a candle shop to get a candle after reading about a spell on your site. When I asked to clerk about how to apply the oil, she told me to rub the oil on in a certain way. It sounds like it is different than what you say in your section about candle preparation. Now I am confused and I need some clarity. Can you explain how I am to put candle oil in the top of a glass candle?

Thank you


Atlanta, GA

Depending on whether you want to ‘bring in’ an effect (love, money, success) for ‘banish or send away’ (debt, bad neighbors, boyfriends), depends on the direction in which you apply your oil.

For the sake of being positive, I am going to explain how to anoint a candle to bring in positive effects (like love, money, success). The photos below show you the direction in which I was taught to ‘bring in’ good things.  The person who taught me this direction (counter clockwise) was because in the Northern Hemisphere, when you flush a toilet, the water rotates downward in a counter clockwise direction. It is said that the opposite is true in the Southern Hemisphere.

So, since we are holding and anointing our candles to bring in something, just like the water, it is spiraling down from the Universe into the top of our candle. Therefore, I was taught that to bring in things, you rub your oil in counter clockwise (see photos). Now, you see me rubbing to edge of the candle glass, that is only to give you the directionality of the rub – you will actually rub the oil in the top of the wax when you pray ove and speak your desired effect to the candle while rubbing the oil.

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I was also told that to send something away or ‘banish it’, like nosy neighbors, jealous people, boyfriends or evil, you rub the oil into the candle clockwise. I am not going to demonstrate with photos, as I think you will understand what I am describing.

I hope this has helped you in your oil application and good luck on your candle burning success!


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