Full Moon in Cancer | January 10, 2009 – Plight of the Weak and Powerless


The Full Moon in Cancer will begin at 10:27 EST (7:27 PST) highlights the plight of the refugees and the powerless. This lunation will also focus energy on the family supporting those who work during this difficult time where increasing work demands may be a larger burden than some breadwinners can manage. Safety and security of  the finances for the home is highlighted.

The Full Moon in Cancer is in a “Cardinal” water sign, meaning that it is energetic, innovating and emotional. Light black candles to block any obstacles that may keep the ones that ‘bring in the bacon’ from doing  just that – whether they be parent, husband, wife or partner. this is also a good time to control or dominate anyone who is causing you troubles as your power increase with candles burned to influence others to see it your way.

Burn blue candles anointed with “Peace in the Home” or “Peaceful Home” Blessing Oil to keep the peace amongst all family members.


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