Green Money Candle Spellwork Special | Prosperity Experiment

Order your green candles burned for you for money drawing and prosperity work while we are conducting our second Prosperity Experiment for only $5.00 each. For more information, go to:


$ $ $ $ $ $ $ Prosperity is Mine in 2009 $ $ $ $ $ $ $

2 Responses to “Green Money Candle Spellwork Special | Prosperity Experiment”

  1. Luci says:


    Are you still offering the $5 candle special? How did the prosperity experiment go?

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for asking! Candles are $5.00 each at my other website: and if you see the NEW picture gallery on the first page, click on the picture of the candles on the altar and it will take you to the order page.

    Good Luck and if you have more candle questions, please feel free to write!


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