Rekindle a Lost Love|Bring Back Lover|Come Back Candle Spell

The Holidays and Winter’s chill gives us more time for introspection – which is exactly what Mother Nature wanted us to do. It is a time to withdraw from life, curl up and ponder the “what if’s” and “if only” that the Season brings. Spending the Holidays alone is an especially tough time when the break up was over something minor or if clear communication was not expressed while the two persons involved were together.

Here is a Candle Spell to Encourage a Lost Loved One to Reconsider and Return


1 White 7-Day Novena Candle in glass

1 Blue 7-Day Novena Candle in glass

1 Pink 7-Day Novena Candle in glass

1 Red 7-Day Novena Candle in glass

Photo of Lost Lover

Petition Letter Addressed to Lover

Full Name and Birth Date written on 4 slips of white paper

1 bottle Peaceful Home Condition Oil

1 bottle of Return to Me Condition Oil

1 bottle of Healing Condition Oil

1 bottle of Blessing Condition Oil

First, clean all candles with lemon juice (see prior posts in the “Proper Candle Preparation” category on right. Let dry.

Trim wick to 1 inch. Take one each of the name papers with birth date on it and tape it to the bottom of each candle. Write your petition letter to your lost lover, then anoint each of the corners of the paper with one drop of each oil in a cris-cross pattern like this:

1                              3

4                              2

You must place a drop in the area labeled with a “1”, then move down to “2”, then over to “3”, ending with “4”. Do this one oil at a time.

Then place three drops of Blessing Oil in the White Candle. Place three drops of Healing Oil in the Red Candle, Place three drops of Peaceful Home Oil in the Blue Candle and three drops of Return to Me Oil in the Pink Candle.

Place a large glass dish or Pyrex Pie Pan in an area that will not be disturbed. Place petition letter to lost lover on plate or dish. Set the Red Candle in the farthest back center of the dish. Place the White Candle in the right side of the dish, and the Blue Candle on the Left. Place the photo of your lost lover in the center of this candle configuration. Place the final Pink Candle in front of photo and center front of dish.

Pray the Lord’s Prayer (Psalm 23) three times and then ask the Angels to bring them back into contact with you. Take some time each day to do this in the morning and again each night until the candles burn out. While praying, stare intently into the candle flame, calling to them with the Voice of Your Mind; meaning you do not actually “say” their name with your voice but hear it being screamed out of your mind and projecting it through your eyes to the candle flame. You may even see the candle flicker or jump about wildly when you do this, only to calm down or stop wavering once you are through.

Repeat this candle configuration until you hear some news of them or hear from them.

NOTE: Please be aware that the longer you are apart, as long it may take for you to burn candles for them until you hear from them. It is very few the occurances that one candle “worked” or “did the job”.

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