Full Moon in Gemini | December 12, 2008 – Careful, Sparks Will Fly!

Oh boy! Here we go! This Full Moon occurs in Gemini at 11:38 E.S.T. and this lunation is a doozy!

This lunation is in the mutable sign of Gemini – which means that it illuminates to fluctuations between passivity and activity in matters of the intellect and the functions of the mind and thought processes.

This lunation and the new moon lunation on December 27th will be especially hard on relations with loved ones and family.

Burning blue candles anointed with Peaceful Home Blessing Oil or Peace Condition Oil during the next two weeks should be a priority for you if clear communication with loved ones and family is important to you.

At the end of this Full Moon, near Christmas Day, begin burning pink candles anointed with Blessing Oil  to bring about  loving and affectionate relationships between family and loved ones.


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