Candle Spell to “Control” a Child of Ochun/Oshun/Oxum








This candle spell is from my own personal archives when I had to make a decision to buy some time in paying someone who was an initiate of the Goddess Ochun/Oshun/Oxum.

I was in a job where my boss was to pay someone wages that he did not take the deductions for supposed “loans” against the earned income. the one who was to be paid wanted their wife to come pick up the money since the one who was owed the wages was out of town. My boss wanted to have some time to do calculations and so I created a candle spell for the wife, who was an initiate of the Goddess Ochun/Oshun/Oxum.


1  7-day glass candle in yellow

1 Piece of Parchment Paper

1 legnth of black cord long enough to wrap several times around candle


I took the person’s name and wrote it on the paper. I then encircled the name on the parchment paper with a sentence regarding the time that was needed for this person to wait until the boss was ready to give her the husbands’ wages. I cleaned the candle with Florida Water, wrapped the Parchment Paper around the lower part (base) of the candle, wrapped the black cording around the paper in 5 complete rotations, then tied it off and lit the candle.

During the time that this candle burned on the mantle of the bosses’ office fireplace, I would frequesntly pass by the candle, call out the person’s name inscribed on the Parchment Paper, and tell them to wait until the candle burned completely, about 7 days.

When the candle wax got low, the cording would start to give off a smell and i had to keep the office window open. On the last day of the candle flames’ life, the cording had singed and burnt through from the heat of the glass, and the cording dropped off. About an hour after this happened, the wife showed up at the office, saying she had received a call from the boss to collect a check. As she was finishing her announcement to me, the boss called from his cell phone and told me to cut her a check in a certain amount – the amount that the employee was owed. She noticed the candle on the fireplace, scrutinized it for a moment, but said nothing. I didn’t acknowledge her observation.

Let’s just say that she might have left with a lingering question if a candle was being burned on her. Despite having more conversations with her after this incident, she and I never approached the subject again.




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