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Readers, You remember that Bernadette wrote me last week about getting a specific job by October 30th?    Well, here is what she is experiencing…

Hi Jacqueline,
I have a question while burning my candles on the third day my boss candle broke.  Is there any reason why?  Thanks Bernadette

A broken candle can be two things – either the glass had a bubble or a flaw in it, or you are working against heavy forces and have to “re do” the spell over. It all depends on how the candle was acting or the vibes you were getting BEFORE the actual candle breakage. We are going to rule out manufacturing flaws and go to the spiritual.

When you light a candle or a series of candles, you are manipulating spiritual forces to do your bidding. However, you may also be fighting off others’ actions, such as candle burning as well. Sometimes, these two forces go to battle, resulting in a victor and a loser, depending on which side you are on.

Was the flame flickering wildly before the break? Did the wick bend over and touch the side of the glass? Were two or more candles too close to each other (meaning was there air space between each candle)? There are a lot of scenarios that can be at play here.

More importantly, I would regard that this candle that had been already burning for three days, meaning that it was at LEAST 50% burnt down, as a sign that the “boss” in this situation may be a little hard headed and won’t budge on giving it to you. My suggestion is re-do the whole thing RIGHT NOW while allowing the rest of the candles to burn themselves out at the same time. My only addition would be a white candle next to the new Boss Fix candle to give clarity and peaceful wisdom to that “Boss” who has to make a decision.

Good Luck and Prosperity to you, Bernadette


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