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This person submitted these photos on another group I belong to and since the photos were so fantastic, I asked them to describe to me what was the purpose of the honey jar and I gave her my feelings on observing the photos. This is NOT your normal honey jar spell candle burn! Read on…

Copied straight from my e-mail:

My honey jar is for an affair.
My marriage is falling apart and will be ending in the next couple of months.
In the mean time, my husband and I have no contact. Sex is mechanical and mostly because we “should be doing it” then anything else.

So I decided to attract a married man because he is safe and wont try to break up my marriage and wont want to spend tons of time with me either.

In the honey jar is the paper with our names on it written like usual
2 hairs his and mine
2 rose petals
and some of our “personal concerns” collected after sex.
And of course.. honey.  (bold font moderator’s choice)

I use this jar as a bit of a manipulation tool as well. To keep ME safe, I spend about 30 minutes each M/W/F morning and send some energy to keep him only ‘straying with me’ if that makes sense? I dont want him to be sleeping with a bunch of people and if he is willing to cheat on his wife, then he may be willing to cheat ” on me” . And i cant have that. STDs are scary and I have to be a healthy parent.
I send some love energy as well so that this stays the connection it is and doesnt end nasty like a highschool ‘its just sex’ session either.

I put some of that energy into that big candle and it went up quickly.

I use tapers and burn them for HOURS instead of small 1 or 2 hour candles. I also keep the honey jar on my alter. A constant place of power.

I found out first that he had an attraction to me instead of just pulling some one out of thin air as well. So this jar is just basically keeping the attraction strong ( maybe too strong) and renewing our attraction every couple of days.  I do add a little bit of love energy mostly to just keep the attraction healthy and safe. If there is a bit of emotional desire behind it, Im thinking it may keep him from straying farther… I recognize that is a bit of manipulation, but it is only to keep things safe.. so hopefully that wont bite me in the behind some day, but if it does… oh well. I knew the consequences when I set up the jar.

Lets see.. homely happy things about me..

I have been practicing energy work for 15 years. Have two familiars, one child. I live in Texas.
sheesh aint much “happy bunny foo foo ” about me..

Name withheld by moderator










 In addition to this, the last photo of the honey jar would not allow me to put a joke in the caption section about Elvis singing, “a hunka-hunka burnin’ love”!. It was like the candle was making sure there is no joking around about THIS spell! Watch out!!!

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