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Bernadette writes:

How do I get this Nursing Assistant job close on the 30th of the month?

Bernadette, I would IMMEDIATELY copy any and all letters, business cards or any correspondence from them, including something that might say, “thank you for your recent application…”. I would set up an altar to include a white St. Jude Candle, a yellow Crown of Success Candle, an orange Open My Roads Candle and a red Boss Fix Candle, using the same blessing or condition oils with the same name.

I would set up an altar either in the far left hand corner of your home or the far left hand corner of your bedroom. This is boosting the candle power by applying feng shui techniques, not a traditional practice but really, whatever works here, right? This is the area where when you stand in the doorway of the home or bedroom and LOOKING IN through the door, the farthest LEFT CORNER of the room, or home (this could be various named rooms, depending on your living arrangements).

First, always clean the candles with lemon juice (see prior blog posts in the category, Proper Candle Preparation on the right hand column on this page).

I would place a white tablecloth on a dresser or end table, place the letters, application or business card copies in the center, place the anointed Road Opener Candle at the “12 o’clock” position, the anointed Boss Fix Candle in the “four o’clock” position and the anointed Crown of Success Candle in the “eight o’clock” position. I would then place the white (for business and legal) St. Jude Candle without any oil, in the center of this triangular formation. All of the candle must be completely on the papers or a portion of the business card.

Light the candles in this order: First, the white St. Jude, saying a prayer to him to grant you what you desire and assist the other candles in their purposeful outcome. Then, light the Road Opener Candle and speak what you want this candle to do. Third, light the Boss Fix Candle and intone what you want that candle to do for you. Lastly, light the Crown of Success Candle and again confirming your success in obtaining this job.

More importantly, convince yourself that you ARE the best choice for the job, hands down. Part of successful candle burning to obtain things desired in the ABSOLUTE, UNSHAKING BELIEF IN THE SUCCESS IN THE CANDLE SPELL.

Most people who light candles for favors unknowingly say in their prayers things like, “if only you hear my plea”, “I hope that…”, “I wish that…”, or “If you see that it is your Will..”. No. This is begging, pleading and leaving the power of success in the hands of someone else. You absolutely MUST light your candles with CONFIDENCE that you ARE the BEST PERSON for the Job.

Speak to the candles like a good friend every morning before going about your day and at the end of your day before bed. Say something like, “Thank you Saint Jude, that while I am going about my day, you are drawing me closer to this job that is perfect for me. Thank you.”  At night, say, “Thank you, St. Jude, that while I sleep you are convincing the powers that be choose me for this position. Thank you.” Do this over and over, using more candles if need be, until your results have been obtained.

Now, in addition, continue to seek out other job offers because you might be right for the job, but the job might NOT be right for you. Think about that one for a minute. The Saints and Angels like it when you are putting your best foot forward all day, everyday.

Good Luck and let us know how it worked for you.

P. S. If you have one more interview, make sure you place one drop of each oil in your hand and rub them together BEFORE shaking the bosses’ or human resources hand. A little drop will do ya’!



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