Full Moon in Aries | Tuesday, October 14, 2008 – Time to Banish!

The Full Moon In Aries occurs at 3:03 pm E.S.T. and is a good time to banish and perform exorcisms. The Moon waning in Aries is an excellent time because the Aries Moon favors works that require skillful wielding of tools and weapons (Mars, the God of War).

Begin burning your 7 day Reversible Candles or Black Candles to get rid of an undesirable influence that is ruling over you now. Bye-Bye bills, nosy neighbors, bad boyfriends and drama!

7 days after the Full Moon, begin burning Blue candles for Peace in the Home or Work, anointed with Peaceful Home Condition Oil.

Peace in the Home Condition Oil can be found at www.lucky13clover.com


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