Free Money Spells – How to Bring in More Money by Burning Candles

Maybe now more than ever, you should consider burning green candles to bring about needed money into the home. I am not going to elaborate on the economic conditions of the country right now as negative thoughts brings negativity, but I know that people are out there with uncertainty about their future.

The very basic free money spell that I know is simply going down to Walgreen’s or Walmart and picking up a few green St Jude 7 – Day Glass Candles. Saint Jude is the Patron Saint of Impossible Causes and is loved by many throughout the world. To petition him for much needed money has been a spiritual practice for decades and it wouldn’t hurt for you to consider burning a candle to him if much needed money is not flowing your way.

After purchasing your candles, clean them with lemon juice. Refer back to the category on the right about proper candle preparation. Then, taking a blank deposit slip from your checkbook, write the amount you would like to receive in the total line. One the date line, write the date that the funds are needed. Sign your name to the deposit slip in the line provided. Anoint this deposit slip with any of the Money Drawing Blessing Oils such as Money Drawing, Wealthy Way, Pay Me or Prosperity Anointing Oils. All these oils are available to you to purchase at

You can boost your deposit slips drawing power by dusting it with the appropriate sachet powder that matches the money drawing oil scent.

Once this is done, light your candle in earnest, praying from the heart and thanking St. Jude that you know that he will deliver the much needed funds or the equivalent to you. Some people believe that praying the Psalm 23 prayer (“The Lord is My Shepherd”) is the prayer to use; others pray the “Our Father”. Give him a moment of prayer each morning upon arising, then again at night before retiring. Keep burning these candles until the needed money help has arrived.

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