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Lillian, a friend on another group I am in, gave us this gem of knowledge the other day and I just knew I HAD to share it with you. Lillian was gracious enough to share her philosophies about freezer spells with us.

Thank you, Lillian!

Lillian says:

I was reading some old messages as I usually do (LOL) and the subject came up on freezer spells. I would like to share my point of view on these spells, but it will probably be different then most, that’s okay, not all workers work the same.

This is how I was taught about freezer spells:

  • A freezer spell freezes a “state of being” it has no conscious of its own, and it will operate according to the ingredients and wishes of the users.
  • You can freeze out things that are unwanted in your life.
  • You can freeze a desired state, for example, freeze someone in a state of kindness or bliss etc..
  • Freezer spells can be used for good or ill. Below are the rules how I learned it:
  • To freeze out bad behavior use just plain water and drop your petition paper in the water and freeze it.
  • To put someone in a sweeter mode mix honey, suger, orange blossom etc.. in the water and drop your petition paper for love in there.
  • To work nasty spells on them mix hexing ingredients to the water and drop your petition paper in there.
  • You see, the way I was taught you can freeze all kinds of states into being: not just for blocking/binding bad actions against yourself.

Things to remember:

  • If the refrigerator goes out, and the ice melts, you will need to do the spell again. I typically, due to this, use freezer spells to get things moving until I can ride in with a long term spell (sort of a quick fix). However, these spells work quick and really good.This is how I was taught to work it, and I have used all the above techniques myself.

    Lillian Wow, Lillian! These are really great thoughts about freezer spells.  I like the one that freeze someone into a state of kindness. Hmmm….unruly teenagers?  I wonder if I can “tweak” it and use it to keep money from flowing OUT of my bank account!


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