Reader Questions – Where to Start on Clearing Negativity? | Part 1 of 2





A reader asks about where to start when clearing negativity since she has multiple places to address. I will address the obvious cleaning tactics to use to bring in positive vibes today and follow up with spiritual cleaning methods in part two.

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Hi Jacqueline,

I am very new to this aspect of the spiritual world, however I’m in great need of new direction for my life.  I have been stagnate for approximately 8 years now.

After reading your Q & A’s, I realize that I need to start with thoroughly cleaning my home (with is extremely cluttered) but I really find it difficult to do. Simple tasks exhausts me, I become frustrated and give up.

What can I do to get rid of this procrastination to get pass the  clutter (which is also causing me mental clutter)?

Is there a spell I can do that will help give me the energy to rid my home of this negativity?

Hope you can help.  Also, thank you for your positive insight into such an unfamiliar area.



I have been there a few times myself, in fact I am gutting bookcases and closets right during the past week as well. Where to start is always a good place as not only do you want to get the good energy going but also not become so overwhelmed that you cannot finish – ahhh…a key element….continuity.

First, get some good gourmet coffee going, a nice chocolate bar, comfy clothes and the CD player full of your best music and get going! You can expect that a decent cleaning is going to take the whole weekend long, between hauling things to the thrift store, recycling those soda cans, and the numerous trips outside to the trash can. Make sure that other activities or the kids don’t distract you from what you are doing – ridding your home of stagnant and negative energy to usher in fresh, new possibilities.!

I start with the obvious things, closets and newspapers. I take all magazines and if I need something out of it, in one pile, all the others into the recycling bin.  I go through closets. If I haven’t worn it in over a year, if I have no desire or occasion that I think I will wear it (visions of satin bridesmaids dresses here), it goes to the thrift store. Good but tight professional pieces go to the women’s shelter so that they can put them into a working wardrobe for someone on their way up. Shoes that have seen better days, in the trash as you wouldn’t want someone to hoodoo the walk you are walking.

Then, knick-knacks. You know, salt and pepper shakers from the Midwest, scorpions from the Mojave Desert, forever suspended in acrylic, shot glasses from Vegas, tee shirts from Disneyland, etc. – OUT! You have your photos and memories. That goes for the kitschy photos frames Aunt Mabel gave you for Christmas three years ago and the color goes with – well, nothing! Give them a kiss and tell them to bless someone else’s home!

The bathroom – one of the great final frontiers (along with under your kitchen sink and the garage). Half empty shampoo and lotion bottles – ether mix them together or rinse out and recycle the plastic. 15 cans of cleanser breeding under the kitchen sink? Buy no more until these are used up.

Windows, windowsills, corners, under furniture, kitchen cabinets, the refrigerator – all those places where dust bunnies and science experiments that have gone bad seem to mingle. A quick wash down with a mild solution of bleach (for the refrigerator only), Pine-Sol, Murphy’s Oil Soap or Ammonia in water.

NOTE: The last sentence contains old-tyme products still used today that were considered to have magical or spiritual cleansing properties. Check back in a day or so to start the spiritual side of cleaning a home…

Now, with your spirits lifted a bit and you’re all tuckered out, change out of those grubby clothes, take a long epsom salts soak, shower, soap up, and into clean things for a nice nap.



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