Full Moon in Pisces | Harvest Moon – Monday, Sept. 15, 2008

This Monday, Sept. 15th, will usher in the Full Moon in Pisces. This full moon is good for banishing spells that could be causing you confusion or to throw an enemy off track if you feel someone is gunning for you. It is also a time to cast off any people who resemble “Psychic Vampires”; people who drain your energy when you are in their company.

In addition, this Moon is call a Harvest Moon and occurs in September (with a few October exceptions) and is the closest Full Moon the the Autumn Equinox. It is called the Harvest Moon as it rises within 30 minutes of the Sun’s setting on that day. A long time ago when farmers did not have tractors, they could work by the light of the Harvest Moon to get their crops harvested. The Harvest Moon is the fullest Full Moon of the year. It is so large that it will amaze you and it will give light all through the night.

This past weekend, Asian communities worldwide celebrated the Moon Festival with special cakes and gifts for the children. I hope you were one of the fortunate ones who attended this special festivity.

Time to get out those reversible candles and send back all negativity to the place of origin.

Full Moon time is also a great time to banish or send away any negativity, bills that have been plaguing you, excess weight on those tummies and thighs and bad boyfriends, neighbors and gray hair (well…Miss Clairol MIGHT have a hand in THAT one as well!)


Full Moon in Pisces is also a time to unplug the phone, curl up on the couch and just…veg. Take a nap, read or just spend the time contemplating events that happened and formulate plans for the future. You deserve this once in a while. If you contnue to pour out your goodness from your pitcher without replenishing it, you will not be able to replenish others and you will be empty.

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