Feast Day for Yemaya/Yemoja/Iemanja – Sept. 7, 2008 |Part 2 of 3

Maferefun Yemaya!

Sunday, we celebrated the feast day of Yemaya, mother of all the other Orishas. While I began posting yesterday about the three parts I was going to give to you inorder for you to see how a feast day commences, the day got away from me and it was after 8 pm before I had a moment to check e-mails and for some, return calls!

When I last posted, I was going in search of plantains, those larger green bananas that are such a favorite with different Caribbean dishes. My daughter and I visited the Red Star Import Company here in Sacramento, a mom-and-pop type store with foods from all of the Carribean countries such as Cuba, Jamaica, and as far away as Brazil and Fiji.

Shopping in THE Thalia Took Yemaya shirt at www.cafepress.com, found a bottle of “mojo” by Goya and plantains, yucca, and taro root.

Too much good stuff and look at this bottle of Spiritual Healing Roots – hoodoo for sale!

We are back home and it is down to work, chopping, peeling, slicing and frying, frying and more frying!

Next, we will show you the finished, yet small altar with all the foods displayed and more…

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