Working with the Moon to Enhance Your Candle Burning Success

Moon Phases and Work Effects of the Phases

Full Moon (Night of the Full Moon) – Highest Moon power. Good for Dreaming and Love Magic. Good time for candles burned for Protection, Initiation, Creativity, Prosperity, Inspiration, Divination and High Magic.

Waning Gibbous Moon (Night after Full Moon to 7 Days after Full Moon) – Banishing Negativity, Reducing Addictions and the need for them, Easing Stressful Situations, Help in Divorce Proceedings and Ending Relationships

Waning Crescent Moon (7 Days after Full Moon to New Moon (Dark of the Moon) -Overcoming Obstacles, Getting Rid of Pain and Discomfort, Discovering or Uncovering Deceptions, Secrets and Lies, Banishing Negative Energy

New Moon (Night of the New Moon – when Sky is Dark) – New Beginnings, Letting Go of the Past, Neutralizing Spells, Binding and Justice Spells

Waxing Crescent (First Day after New Moon to 7 Days after New Moon) – Growth, Protection of Animals, Change, Help with Business Affairs

Waxing Moon (7 to 10 Days after New Moon) – Forward Progressive Movement, Friendship, Luck, Psychic Abilities, Increased Growth, Prosperity, Cementing a Commitment

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