Free Candle Spells | Reversible Candles – Which Way is Up? – Part 1 of 3 on Reversible or “Double Action” Candles

This is the fist of three parts regarding reversible or “Double Action” candles. Look for the other parts in the next few days.

Reversible candles – you see then in candle shops, religious supply stores or botanicas all over the country. The question is, which one is correct?

We are going to unveil the truth about glass encased 7 day reversible candles as well as teach you how to properly use a free standing reversible candle in this blog post.

History of Usage of Reversible Candles

These candles were known in the past as “double action” candles and even today in some regions due to their two color appearance. The free standing candles are about 9 to 10 inches long and about 2 inches thick (about the size of a 50 cent piece). There are glass encased reversible candles (see photos). The colors vary, with the most popular being red/black (red for love or fast luck/energy), green/black (green for money) and white/black (white for health/peace/house blessings). I have seen some in a yellow/blue and a yellow/green pour years ago at a botanica (latino candle shop) in Los Angeles. I can only assume that these were either for success (yellow) and peace (blue) or for the two goddesses Ochun/Yemaya and the yellow/green one was for success and money or for the goddess Ochun and the God of Iron, Ogun.

These candles intentions is to send back to the sender any ill thoughts that someone may have for you that is thwarting forward movement in your life. For example, if you have a neighbor over and they begin to comment on your nice car, pretty things in your home, good taste in clothes; they may be jealous and could burn a candle to bring financial ruin to you. Their intentions could be selfish as they just might be too lazy or uninspired to get up and make their way. These negative people would rather bring everyone down to “their level of income”. All of a sudden, money wastes through your hands, you have repairs to make, and it seems that you are spending faster than you make it. Uh Oh, time for a green/black reversible candle!

Double Action or Reversible Candles are traditionally “flipped” when used and prepared in a certain way. This is covered step-by-step in my other post, Preparing Free Standing Reversible Candles, contained in this blog website. Just go back a day by scrolling or search in the search bar for other related posts.

Candles as seen at most stores with the red wax on top.

A rare find at candle shops – a factory made reversible candle with the BLACK wax on top – someone’s got a clue!

Why would you not burn the color first, then the black?

As you can see by the first picture above, 99% of the candles you will find in a bontanica or spiritual candle shop will have the COLOR on top -exactly what we DO NOT WANT!


Because you want to send or burn off the negativity (black) that surrounds you in your life (red for love, green for money, white for peace/health/house blessings).  If you were to burn the red/green/white off first, you may just be compounding the situation as you are “burning away” your money, love life or peace!

OK so, my second group of photos shows a CORRECT reversible candle in glass – with the black on top. They are out there – not popular with most candle shops – but there are a few who will pour them the correct way. The reason that the color is applied on top is that the general population of people who burn candle have been MISINFORMED FROM THE BEGINNING and now that this fallacy has been in place for so long, it is now hard to change. Similar to the adage, “can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.

Part 2 – How to Prepare a Free Standing Reversible or “Double Action” Candle – next blog post

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