Free Candle Spells | Anointing Your Free Standing Reversible or “Double Action” Candle – Part 3 of 3

Now that you have identified, purchased and “flipped” your reversible candle to reveal the wick at the black end of the candle and carved a name or command into the candle, it is time to anoint this candle and get it burning to send back all that negativity from whence it came from!

Using the “Up and Down” Method of Anointing Reversible


(Most commonly used for two-colored, reversible or double action candles)

Many people who do candle work will use two colored candles, most commonly known as “double-action”; candles to work both way for them in the particular situation. These candles commonly come in red/black, green/black and white/black. There are those who make their own candles and the combination of the colors may be personal to each individuals needs.

The first photo shows that you always clean your candle with lemon juice to “clear” and “clean” the candle.

Then, to anoint a candle in this manner, you would need to put the different oils in your hands, one for each condition (positive and banishing) and grasping the candle horizontally the candle in the center with the appropriate color, move from center to ends (see photos) alternately, moving the banishing or black prayer or intention first, then the other color hand and intention second.

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