The Down Technique to Applying Condition Oils to Free Standing Candles

The DOWN Technique of Drawing, Bringing or Calling in Energies

The anointing of a candle to bring, draw or call in conditions that are welcome requires you to anoint the candle from the tip of the candle to the base with the appropriate oil to bring in the particular energy from the Universe to you.

Holding the candle in your oiled hands, you will slide your hand in once direction from tip of candle to the base (see photo). You will NOT slide your hand back up to the top, but release the candle at the base and then re-grasp the candle at the top and repeat the motion, stating your intentions each time you slide your hand from tip to base. The candle is now ready to rool in herbs or sachet powder, if you so choose.

This technique is to bring in love, prosperity, success, blessings, abundance, or just about anything postive that you want in your life.

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