A Red Pepper Packet Spell to Undermine an Enemy

I have just finished with a bevy of clients lately that seem to have one thing in common – someone who wants to see them go down!    Is it in the air or is the planets lining up or what!?!

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  • Red Pepper (aka Crushed Red Pepper – the kind you get at the pizzeria)
  • Black Peppercorns (on your grocer’s spice aisle)
  • Graveyard Dirt
  • Piece of Paper with the name of the Enemy written on it
  • Piece of black cloth
  • Black candle
  • To slowly weaken and crush an enemy, take a piece of paper in which you have written the enemy’s name and fold it up with red pepper, black peppercorns, graveyard dirt and tie this paper up in a piece of black cloth into a little sack or bag.

    Sit it by a black candle until the candle burns out.

    Tie it to their bumper of the car or to the tailpipe or some other place where they won’t see it. If you can get it under the drivers’ seat of the car, then do it. If this is not a possibility, then try to place it in the enemy’s house or place of business (under the couch or under a shelf or counter).

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