A Compelling Spell To Make Someone Keep Their Promise

This spell was submitted by a reader who knows she has seen it somewhere before, but cannot remember where she got it. If it is identical to the original owner I offer my apologies as I cannot judge the validity of the origins of any spell. It is kind of like that great chocolate cake recipe Grandma had – it had the basic ingredients in it for chocolate cake, but may have had two tablespoons of vanilla extract, not one like Velma Mae’s from the church social.



I was just going through my spells that I copy and file away until needed <grin>. Thought this one might interest you but you probably already know then LOL! – Mia

A Compelling Bottle To Make Someone Keep a Promise

This can be made by writing their name on paper, crossed by your command of what you want from them, folding the paper with herbs such as Licorice and Calamus, which rule and control people, and inserting everything in a bottle. A small purple taper candle is then carved down to fit into the neck of the bottle, dressed with Compelling Oil, Special #20 Oil or plain Olive Oil and the candle burned until done.


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