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I had an interesting telephone call from a person mentioned in a page on the Free-Candle-Spells site (of which their name has been removed as requested), and it brought to me the realization that perhaps not all who visit here understands exactly why this site exists.  Let me share some thoughts with you.

This site is intended to share the candle burning beliefs of many from around the world. Candles were burned for many reasons, some of them identical, but all around the world and in many cultures.  The presence of flame in even the simplest moments, such as a birthday party, gives significance to the occasion.  What are birthday candles but wishes attached to a flame, that are blown out when the time is right?

Uneducated is the person who reacts out of fear that there are evil intentions here – there are plenty of belief systems that wish ill will to those who have hurt them – and just because they want to create havoc!  For example, I have even used a few choice words when I was plowed into by two illegals with no license and registration!  Now tell me, wouldn’t YOU?  Was not those choice words symbolic of a release of energy and could be taken as a “curse”?  Think about it.

Candle burning has gone back since the beginning of mankind – the mystery of a flame has been a source of study and veneration for lifetimes.  If it wasn’t for flame, civilization might not have survived.  So, because its’ orogins is veiled in mystery, of course it could be attached to any serious event.  The Bible and many other books written on the spiritual realm all talk about using “sacred flame” or “burnt offerings” in their texts.

If, dear reader, you read something contained within this site, realize that I do not censor the intentions of the offerings – you are a well educated and knowledgable person who is not influenced by what you read.  It is your free will choice to participate and read these posts. Use a logical mind and understand that while you may not use a particular candle spell – there may be others who need that exact one.  More importantly, examine your own belief system that might be the root of the consternation you feel when you make judgment calls in regards to others’ freedom to choose.

Maybe the biggest fear to fear is the fear in itself. 🙂

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