Readers Questions – Regarding Burning Too Many Candles

Hi All! It has been a quick summer and I have a bounty of spells to post here – I’d better get crackin’! 🙂 But first, a question from a reader:

Dear Jacqueline,

Let me tell you first that I LOVE your site! You have such interesting spells – even the baaad ones! I have a question.

I am burning candles left and right because my boyfriend and I had a disagreement awhile back and even though he calls me and comes by, it’s just not the same as it was before so I had been burning pink candles of Saint Juse like you said and I had ordered some Fire of Love Oil from another website. I think I am doing everything right – the cleaning with lemon juice, the paper under the candle, the oil on the candle – but…no sparks. Do you think I am doing too much or not enough? What else should I do? I am so sorry that I said the hurtful things I said; but he said some ugly things, too. I just want things to be back like they were before the fight. What else can I do?

Debra – Florida

Debra, I am so sorry that this happened and I am wondering why the candles are doing their stuff. The only thing is that maybe we have to “tweak” the combination. Let’s go over the steps again.

  • First, make sure that you are using the right candle. You say you are using the pink St. Jude candle (St. Jude being the Patron Saint of Impossible Causes) and the color pink is correct as you want romantic love – not the wham, bam, thank you, ma’am sexual power of red candles.
  • Properly clean your candle with lemon juice to “cut and clear” all negativity and residuals that someone might have on their hands while making, packing and storing/shelving the candles before they come into your possession.
  • State your intention clearly, I mean clearly as evasive or vague statements can nullify your candle burning success. Comments like, ‘Well, if he don’t come back by such-and-such day, then he better leave me alone’ confuses even me much less the angels who are working on your behalf.
  • You might want to incorporate using the power of the moon to work candle magic. This might be a favorable thing for you to do. Begin love drawing candle magic on the day after a New Moon, or when you see a sliver of the moon and each night it is getting bigger – this is the time for bringing or drawing in good things – love, prosperity and success. The time from the Full Moon (when the moon is a complete circle in the sky) until the dark of the moon (when the sky is dark) is the time for sending or banishing away things – a bad boyfriend, an ugly job or bills, bills, bills! You can go even further and research which day of the week and which time of that day is good for love drawing. There are many books that go deeply into that aspect.
  • It might behoove you to contact and get a reading from a professional psychic, root worker or tarot reader to find out if you have missed your chance or is this just a phase you two are going through. The various divination tools can give insight and clarity to somethingthat might be right before your eyes!
  • In the meantime, develop interests outside of the relationship until you get a clear sign of which way you are to go. This doesn’t mean another man, but getting together with your girlfriends and doing things with the family. taking a class or developing a hobby is another thing to do to keep your mind busy while trying to make a decision on your future.
  • Lastly, if you really love him and there is a glimmer of hope – pray every night until you fall asleep that all the Saints, the Archangels and the Spiritual Deities band together to make him see what a true jewel you are – precious and rare – and what a loss for such a little fight. Burn your candles if they give you solace until your answer is clear.
  • I hope this helps, dear. Keep us posted.

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