Beef Tongue “Tapa Boca” | Shut Your Mouth Candle Spell

The Beef Tongue “Tapa Boca” Black Candle Spell


  • 1 Beef Tongue
  • Salt
  • Red Pepper, also known as crushed red pepper
  • Black Pepper
  • Habinero Chile Peppers
  • Louisiana Hot Sauce
  • 9 large nails, new
  • Red Ribbon or Yarn
  • Black Candle
  • Green Candle
  • Small Bottle of Golden Rum or Whiskey, any brand
  • White piece of Paper with Person’s Full Name and Birthdate (if known) or intended victims’ photo, hair, or other personal object
  • White piece of paper, 4 X 6 inch size, with your curse or request on it.

Take the Beef Tongue and cut a slit in it, making sure you do not cut through to the other side. Sprinkle some of the Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Habanero chile, hot sauce and salt in the slit. Place white piece of paper or photo or personal object in next. Cover with more of the peppers, salt, hot sauce and chiles.

Wrap the larger piece of paper around it and use the 9 new nails to hold together the tongue at the slit, making it as closed as possible. Tie the red ribbon or yarn onto one nail at one end, then begin wrapping the ribbon around the tongue until it is completely covered. Tie the ends off to secure the ribbon or yarn.

Take tongue, whiskey, black candle, green candle, and lighter or matches to a deserted or quiet railroad crossing. Open bottle of whiskey and pour some of it on a railroad cross piece (usually wooden). Lay tongue where you poured the whiskey. Place each a candle on each side of the tongue and light candles. Leave opened bottle of whisky next to tongue. Ask the God of Iron, Ogun, to take care of this person for you, who keeps “wagging their tongue” in malicious gossip about you.

Leave and do not look back. Take alternate way home.


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