Readers Questions – Regarding Proper Use of Petition Papers and Candles

Here is a note I received this morning regarding my most recent posts by a very observant reader:

Hello Ms. Jacqueline,

I have read with interest your most recent blog post and am confused. How are we supposed to “label” our candles? Do we tape the piece of paper on the candle — you just say to use the piece of paper for the black candle?

And what do you do with the papers? Do they burn up with the candle when it burns?

I have read you can carve or scratch the name(s) in the candle numerous times. And I’ve read that the petition papers are folded either towards you or away from you, depending on the kind of spell you are doing, and then set under the candle somehow, like under the saucer the candle sits on.

I don’t want to do this wrong as I am a beginner.

Thanks! Lawanda – TX

Lawanda, Thank you for being so observant and this must have directly touched your mind as you were concerned that you are doing “it” right – “it” being proper candle burning.

I would have to say that almost 90% of candle spells that I have used – and do – use the 7-day glass encased “novena” type candle – like the ones you get at the candle shops, Walgreens, WalMart, or any major grocery store in the Hispanic or Latino foods area of the store. They look something like this:

This is a photo of Pink St. Jude Candles used for Love Spells

This is not to say that you could not use candles that are known as free standing candles, but attaching name papers, petitions or photos to free standing would almost assuredly bring about a fire – something no one wants!

How I attach a name paper is to place it at the base of the candle with a piece of scotch tape. This way, the candle is “labeled” but not at the top, where it will scorch and possibly catch fire. By the time the flame gets to the base of the candle, very little flammable wax is in the the glass, and less likely to catch the paper on fire.

For petitions and photos, I lay them under the edge of the glass, with the glass rim of the candle along the edge of the paper, so that in the last few hours of the candle’s burning, it does not damage the photo (sometimes you want to re-use the photo, as in love spells)

Thank you for a great question!

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