Readers Spells | Vinegar Jar Spell to Cause Trouble for an Enemy

I received this e-mail the other day wanted to post it for everyone to use to sour a relationship between two people or cause trouble for someone. – Thank you!

I wanted to send you this because it has worked for me, even with the use of the candle! I thought others might want to use this spell to cause troubles for an enemy or just stir up trouble for those who have been causing you grief. Thank you Jacqueline for providing all the spells that you have written here. Keep up the good work!  Carissa – Georgia

Take a jar and fill it with dried red peppers, black peppercorns, dried crushed snail shells, snake skin sheds (if you can get them), needles, pins, nails, small pieces of glass or any other sharp objects and white vinegar. If you can get some graveyard dirt, that can go in there as well.

Place as much items as you can about the person in the jar with all of this. You can write their name on a piece of white paper, birth date, a photo, a piece of hair, a fingernail clipping, a snip of their old smelly sock (unwashed) – anything that  personalizes it.

Keep this hidden away somewhere dark and bring it out daily or every few days and shake it hard so that the pins poke the paper and the glass scratches it. You can even say out loud while shaking your own personal curse and what you would like the Universe to do to them for their evil actions towards you.

Remember it is always better to bless – but in this case, a little vinegar won’t hurt either! – J.



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