Spells for Beginners | Beginners Candle Spell for Love & Romance


Burning candles for love and romance is not as hard as it seems. I receive many requests on how to bring a special someone or a love into their life on a daily basis when simple and basic beginner candles spells for love can be utilized with ease.

Let me relate to you my first “love spell”. I was 16 and was attracted to a friend of a cousin of my best girlfriend. I was absolutely ga-ga over him and after getting a spell book from the local library, I used the celestial planets and moon course to plot a perfect time to cast a love spell o this person. I was able to obtain a lock of hair from him and when the time was right, I assembled all my products and ingredients and lit the candle. Let me tell you, it worked so well that he came on a little too strong – too fast – as in he wanted a nude photo of me almost immediately – that it “weirded me out” about casting love spells for quite some time.

The most simplest of hoodoo or conjure love candle spells requires a piece of white paper with the name of your love interest and a pink candle for romance (or red one for a “rockin’ good time” – if you know what I mean). There are times in a person’s’ life when the time dedicated to a relationship is not available, but the desire of being close to someone is strong.

If you have the ability to obtain more personal effects such as a photograph (the Internet is making it so easy to do that), a lock or piece of hair, a fingernail clipping, a cigarette butt (DNA, you know), a toothbrush or hair brush strand, a used kleenex, condom or dinner napkin (DNA, again), worn shirt (cutting a portion of the underarm where sweat would accumulate), worn sock (controlling his “tracks”, so to speak) or used underwear (DNA, again!). These items will come in handy to “personalize” the candle, like “zeroing” in on a “target”.

If you can obtain any of the more personal items listed below, use that on your white doily or altar cloth, near your candle. Again, using pink candles for romance , affection and long lasting love or red candles for passionate, physical encounters, place the full name (if known) and birth date (if known) of your love interest on the white paper and place that paper under a glass encased 7 day “novena” type candle. These are easily obtained in the local botanicas, candle stores, religious supply houses or even the hispanic/latino food section of most neighborhood supermarkets. If these type of candles are not available in your area, there are many fine spiritual supply companies such as Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply, who can ship you the candles you need.

Once you have begun to burn your candles for love, continue to do so until the desired effect has come to be. You may have to burn more than one candle to bring the desired effect into being, so be patient and when lighting your candle wick, know that your outcome will come to it’s fruition and that you will be successful in your desired candle work.



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